We Are Big Masterz

Big Masterz is a music distribution, promotion and management company. We distribute music and content to well over 100+ music platforms worldwide by working with trusted  aggregators. Our focus is on the business side of music while the artist focuses on what they do best ;create amazing content to the world.

Pushing Music Forward

There’s a monumental shift happening among people who make music. Modern artists want to be independent. They want to create, collaborate and promote in new ways, pushing culture forward while building a passion economy. They want to build their brand and run their business  on their own terms. 

Out with the old, in with the new. The antiquated music industry is not built for them. It is a system designed to rip off artists by making everything hard to use and difficult to understand. We want to watch it burn, and build a better tomorrow from the ashes.

For the artists. For the Pros.

We bring simplicity to creative minds, giving independent artists access to smart services and useful data that makes it easy for them build their own success. Amuse makes releasing and managing music smoother than ever, used by hundreds of thousands of artists – from Local to Internation.

The three tiers of Big Masterz

1. Free distribution

Hundreds of thousands of artists across the globe use the Amuse apps to release their music to all major streaming services for free! Artists keep 100% of their royalties and rights.

2. Premium features

Fast Forward lets you advance yourself up to 6 months of your upcoming royalties and Amuse Pro gives self-releasing artists and their teams the latest functionality to manage their music careers.

3. Artist services

Our label team uses the data from our distribution service to find and sign promising talent from all over the world – from Swedish hip-hop to Latin sing/songwriters and Canadian lo-fi.

Our Story

Big Masterz was founded in 2020 in Nairobi – Kenya,  but with global ambitions. The idea was born in Nairobi Africa, where our Co-Founder Justine Mainye used to spend a lot of his time. Amazed by the region’s endless source of talent and creativity, he found it equally disturbing that the music industry’s complexity and legacy structures made it practically impossible for independent artists in these countries to get their music out into the world. The music industry was broken, so he decided to fix it.

Since then we’ve built a community of hundreds of thousands of users, been backed by some of the world’s leading music tech venture funds and launched cutting-edge services like Fast Forward and Amuse Pro. Following the music industry transformation, we’ve pivoted from being a reimagined record label into a global, digital artist services company, dedicated to power the exploding global community of independent artists.